Sunday, September 11, 2011

Case for Kindle and mobile phone + pillow... with Ikea Fabric :)

Some time ago I bought a large piece of orange Ikea fabric designed by Sissi Edholm & Lisa Ullenius.

The first thing I created with this fabric was a Kindle v3 case. I didn't want to buy one and I took the opportunity to try to create it by myself.

I began drawing and reproducing the the shape of a Kindle v3 on a double-bedded piece of soft plastic, that contains micro-bubbles of air, paying attention to the thickness of the device.

 Then I cut the fabric with the scissor and I glued on this the soft plastic. So I started sewing with the sewing machine.

The last step was the application of a button to prevent the Kindle from sliding out of its case.

Now the result! :)

The second work is an holder for a small mobile phone, an Htc Diamond.
I reused an ugly soft custody, received as a gift to a fair, covering it with a piece of fabric.

The third creation is another holder for a cell phone BlackBerry Torch.
I added a padded microfiber so the phone can not slip out and protect it very well.

The lastest is a big pillow; I like very much the pattern so I created a thing to hug! :-)

I matched the orange/black/white with a white zipper and this is my pillow.

I wish you appreciate the effort, I'm a novice tailor and some errors are part of my desire to learn ;-)

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